Interiors That Inspire

1st Ever International standard and biggest mall of k.p

Pakistan's biggest Super Market

Hyper Mall will also have a huge Hyper Super Market, One of Pakistan's biggest Mega Mart offering all essential items of daily use for the buyers.

Uninterrupted Power

Huge generators will provide a parallel system of 24-hour nonstop power to the entire shopping complex, attracting thousands of customers who prefer to shop in a cool, comfortable atmosphere.

Foolproof Security

Hyper Mall is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems that include special surveillance, a secure & peaceful environment, Security Guards, and round the clock CCTV.

Triple Basement Parking

The hyper mall has a Triple Basement Parking facility. A secure, spacious, and organized parking facility is the backbone of the system that makes it a successful center of activity.

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Hyper Mall reputation has been built, above all, on the quality and freshness of the products, customer service, and competitive prices.

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